Santa Catalina lighthouse guided tour

Get to know the interesting world of lighthouses and the importance of marine navigational techniques at the first interpretive center located inside a lighthouse.
Part of the equipment in the lighthouse has not been able to be used due to its location in a special natural site. This is the first lighthouse in Euskadi that can be visited. In addition to the watchtower, the lighthouse constitutes an interpretive center about navigation technology. With the use of technological instruments that help both the community and tourists to understand its contents, it will provide knowledge about the principles of navigation that have been used since the distant past up until now, and will help one feel as our sailors felt when they saw the light that reunited us with dry land (signals, lights, orientation, stars, whale watching…) At the same time, in addition to its recreational qualities, a visit to the center can be rounded out with educational workshops adapted to different types of visitors, with the purpose of imparting educational knowledge.
Get to know the basic techniques of navigation, put them into practice with a virtual voyage on the boat from Lekeitio to Elantxobe and feel the sensations that sailors lost at sea feel when the lighthouse beacon helped them to return home.
Enjoy the marvelous views from the Basque coast on the terraces located outside the center.
Low season
Mornings: 11:30 and 13:00
Afternoons: 16:30 and 18:00
Mornings: 11:30 and 13:00
Visit duration 50 min.
Prices: Adults 6 €/ Children and retired people 4.50€ (3 to 12 years).
Open from Wednesday to Saturday and Sundays morning


– Capacity 19 person per visit
– Entry is not allowed for children under 3 years old
– Lift it´s out of order
-The tower can´t visit
– Dogs are not allowed
– Lantern can´t visit inside parth