Have you ever felt the feeling and excitement of crossing to an island on foot? No? … Then Lekeitio is your destination. A combination of sea, nature, culture and tradition in a privileged enclave, lulled by the rocking waves.
Experts tell us that this little piece of coast has been inhabited for about 30000 years. But we are content that our history should begin officially in 1325, nearly eight centuries ago. Throughout this time we, the inhabitants of Lekeitio, have been sculpting our town above the cliffs overlooking the Bay of Biscay – a commitment of mutual respect towards our surroundings, which has resulted in a small town perfectly integrated into its natural environment.
Lekeitio has always faced the sea and has been the origin and destination of whale hunters, adventurers and navigators. For centuries its men and women have had a close relationship with activities involving fishing and the sea. This relationship has forged the character of the people of Lekeitio: jolly, enterprising and hospitable.
Quiet and peaceful in winter, lively and busy in summer, Lekeitio offers beaches, nature, gastronomy, a good atmosphere and an interesting cultural programme, packed with fairs, street theatre, exhibitions and popular festivals.
The gates of Lekeitio are open to the whole of the Basque Country and to the world.
We should like to thank you for your visit and your interest and we hope that Lekeitio and its people will merit a special place in your heart.
Welcome to Lekeitio!!!